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Henrietta is a formidable younger sister, far too big and strong for her older step-brother.

My first landlady was quite a stickler for early bedtimes!

Two naughty boys dressed in their sisters pyjamas, one spanked and one ready for his bedtime bottle.

A story by Janice and Wincy

 A Pyjama and Early Bedtime Discipline Story

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon when Lisa, her mother and Lisa’s friend Janice, left nightie and pyjama clad Babykins tucked up cosily in bed and descended the stairs back out into the garden to enjoy their tea.

Lisa was expecting more of her friends to arrive for her pyjama party, the girls hoped to stay up late, perhaps as late at midnight.  Melanie and her mum welcomed their return. 

‘Is my sweet ex-boyfriend all tucked up in beddy-byes fast asleep?’ asked Melanie.

‘Of course, and he didn’t look at all happy when we dressed him in a floral winceyette nightie!’ Laughed Lisa.

 Melanie snickered, ‘I don’t suppose he enjoyed that one little bit!’

‘My brother is only getting what he deserves the brat!’ Lisa said, adding, ‘we left his window open a bit, so hopefully, when he wakes he can hear us all talking and enjoying ourselves while he is confined to bed. That should annoy our little Babykins even more, knowing that we are all down here enjoying the sun while he is in his cosy nightwear!’

After about an hour of pleasant conversation, free from the annoyance of her brother, Lisa decided to check on Babykins and tip-toed up the staircase, as she did so a plan started to take shape in her mind. She could not prevent a smile spreading across her face as she crept into his bedroom. It didn’t take her long to find what she needed.

Silently she pulled back the bedclothes that encompassed slumbering Babykins and started to unbutton her sleeping brothers’ winceyette nightie, he stirred slightly and she hesitated, fearful he would wake before she had prepared the scene of the crime!
Carefully, she slipped the small torch and war story comic book that she had found in his room under his pillow.

‘Naughty Babykins is going to be in lots of trouble now,’ she whispers to herself as she plants a tender kiss on his face and leaves the room.

Standing at the top of the stairs she shouts dramatically for her mum. The sound of her approaching footsteps once again brings a smile to her face. Seconds later they enter the bedroom of the bleary eyed Babykins.

A bewildered Babykins is barely awake as his furious mother berates him for his disobedience.

‘Didn’t I tell you to go straight to sleep young man; instead I find you have been reading comics under the bedclothes just like a naughty little boy.’
His mother brandished the comic and torch in front of him whilst Lisa smirked at his discomfort.

‘To make matters worse,’ scolded his mum, ‘haven’t you been told you are not allowed to meddle with the buttons on your nightie? You know very well that you are not allowed to dress or undress yourself.’

Babykins began to realise that Lisa had tricked his mother into believing he has misbehaved and tries to tell her this, only instead his mother believes Lisa, he was indeed guilty and now he was lying to her.
‘But mummy, it’s Lisa, she must have done this…and… I am not a baby!’

‘How dare you try to blame your sister, you will be severely punished for this flagrant naughtiness.’
‘No, really mummy that bloody sister of mine has…’

‘We shall have none of that language you naughty Babykins’.

His mother pulls Babykins out of bed, twists his ear until he cries out in pain and marches him into the bathroom. Lisa gleefully follows.

Mummy grabs a washcloth and wets it with hot water, she roughly washes his face causing Babykins to resist and whine about being innocent.
‘So you still won’t admit you are a bad little Babykins? So be it. I will clean that fibbing mouth of yours!’

 Taking a bar of soap, she holds it under the warm water, until it is soft and sudsy.

‘Now open that mouth and put that deceitful tongue of yours out at once!’

He knew how angry mummy was but Babykins hesitated just long enough to anger her even more. She pinched his nose as she shoved in the soap. His mother soaped his tongue until he felt sick, then she soaped inside his mouth. The scented soap made him want to gag even more, the soap began to melt, increasing the soap bubbles and suds. The soap broke off into pieces that lodged in his teeth and began to burn his tongue a little. Lisa, meanwhile, laughed silently behind her mother’s back. Babykins tried to tell his mother but she kept telling him not to tell fibs about his sister and that upset him even more. Eventually, as his mother withdrew the soap from his mouth he could not prevent himself from spluttering and spitting up suds all down his winceyette nightie and almost everywhere else.

Babykins mother was not amused as she stripped him right down to his flannelette nappies and hauled him across her lap, Lisa, eager to join in his humiliation helps to unfasten the safety pins and lets the nappies fall away from his bottom.

‘Pee U, you smelly baby!’ she cries in disgust. Babykins hadn’t even realised that during his mouth soaping he had wet his nappies.

‘Ok Babykins, you deserve this.’ His mummy said as she rolled up the sleeve of her blouse.

Mummy began to spank, as she had never done before.

Babykins bottom became redder and redder. The sound of her hand hitting his sore red bottom were masked by the desperate squeals of pain and protest that billowed from his soap encrusted mouth.

Exhausted from administering such a severe spanking, mummy slips a pair of thick rubber baby pants over Babykins flailing legs and orders Babykins to clean the bathroom until it is spotless and put his soiled nightie and pyjamas into the wash.

Lisa’s friend Janice bounded up the stairs, eager to discover what all the commotion was about.

Babykins had finished cleaning; mummy dragged him by the ear back to his bedroom. The curtains were now open and the sun shone brilliantly into the bedroom.

Babykins stood shamefaced before his little sister, her friend and his mum.

Lisa smirked as she spoke, ‘Mum, I think that perhaps Babykins bedroom is providing him with too many distractions’

‘Explain please Lisa?’ asked mum curiously.

‘Well, since I am obviously more mature than Babykins, I should be the one to have the large bedroom complete with his TV, DVD player, stereo and computer; and he should be put into the small back bedroom that used to be my nursery”.

Babykins anger began to rise as he realised how cleverly Lisa was scheming against him, he knew very well the room Lisa talked about. Situated on the ground floor, Babykins would be within a few feet of the patio area; able to hear everything that went on but helpless whilst tucked up in bed.

‘Think about it mum,’ Lisa continued slyly. ‘You will need lots of peace and quiet so you can rebuild your business that my thoughtless baby brother nearly ruined. Won’t you need to entertain potential clients at the house?’

‘Perhaps you are right Lisa. Once in bed, he won’t be able to act cranky and upset my guests. What do you think Janice?’

 ‘Oh Yes”, exclaims Janice. “If it were up to me, he’d be in beddybyes where he belongs all of the time!”

Lisa, snickering and giggling along with young Janice, continues with her plan to encourage her mother in keeping her brother confined to bed and pyjamas.

‘Of course I will need to relax during the summer after my hard work at school without being disturbed by Babykins here. I need time to spend with my friends.’

 Lisa held her breath as her mother thought about her daughter’s suggestions.

‘I agree with everything you have said Lisa, my mind’s made up. Babykins, it’s back into the nursery for you!’

 Until then Babykins had been totally ignored. His anger bubbles to the surface as he splutters, ‘now just a moment, you don’t think that I will agree to this do you. You lot are mad cows….’.

‘How dare you speak to us like that Babykins! Get over here this instant’ Mummy grabs him, turning him as she sits down so she can apply another bare hand spanking to his sore behind. After numerous swats, causing him further discomfort and a red bottom, she marches Babykins into the corner of the room.

‘Hands on head you naughty Babykins.’ Babykins sobs with shame as he obeys his mummy.

‘Lisa dear will you get baby’s dummy please?’

‘Of course mummy, I would love to!’ Squeals of laughter from both Janice and Lisa assure Babykins that they are fully enjoying his humiliation.

Babykins is made to crawl on all fours like a mewling baby in front of his young tormentors as Lisa ties his baby’s dummy into place’

‘Here you are baby brother, your yummy dummy, freshly filled with delicious castor oil for you to suck on and enjoy. Now, hands on head and stand facing the wall while Janice and I prepare you new bedroom. You will really enjoy spending your days tucked up there Babykins ha-ha!’

Lisa and Janice rush off giggling leaving a contrite Babykins to ponder his fate.

It would be easier and more effective she suggests, asking Aunt Beatrice to ‘baby-sit’ Babykins when they go out or entertain guests, family or friends. (Beatrice is a tall muscular woman who dresses very severely and brooks no nonsense from her ‘babies). She used to look after Babykins as a five year old and still wants to treat him as a baby, only younger.

His mother immediately phones Aunt Beatrice and explains the situation. She readily agrees to spend the summer taking care of Babykins and making sure he is swiftly tucked up in bed whenever any visitor call. She enjoys cleaning naughty boys inside and out. She arrives and eventually dresses him in his sisters pink candy striped winceyette pyjamas. She also gives him a pyjama case in the shape of a little dog that he must call cuddles. Aunt Beatrice asks, ‘what do you need before you can go to bed?’ The answer is always ‘cuddles’ (containing his pyjamas). Cue of laughs and cuddles from the females watching, as he is dressed for bed and whisked away by Aunty to give them peace and quiet. Aunt Beatrice really enjoys dressing him and making him behave like a small boy. Sailor suits short trousers and little boys style pyjamas are her favourites.Babykins certainly has an eventful summer to endure.

Peters Pink Pyjamas. An unruly boy tamed by his babysitter and younger sister



Peter barely looked up as Miss Kettering entered the room. He was in his favourite position, lounging lengthways on the sofa, his dirty trainer’s imprinting muddy footmarks on the fabric while the gel on his hair stained the sofa arm.
Robert turned lazily and gave the woman a disdainful stare. To Peter’s young eyes Miss Kettering was an old women yet she only in her early fifties. She was tall, over six foot and her figure could be described as matronly. She stared at the lounging Peter from behind her old-fashioned spectacles; her grey hair was severely tied back into a bun, clearly exposing the lines upon her face.
She wore a frilled white blouse fastened at the neck and draped loosely over the blouse was a grey cardigan. The fluffy woolen cardigan had two enormous pockets in which Peter imagined she kept out of date packets of mints that she would present to unsuspecting young children. Gazing down at her feet he was not surprised to see her wearing her pair of pink furry slippers that were perhaps, a little too well worn.  
He turned away and resumed his slouched position.
His mother had no right to impose this woman on him while she visited his grandmother. Perhaps she had remembered the mess and the complaints from the neighbours the last time she had only been away; it had only been for one night but it had been a mistake to assume responsibility would make Peter act like the fifteen year old he was instead of a spoilt child.
‘I don’t know how long I will be away for,’ his mother had said, ‘your Grandmother is not at all well and I expect you to do as you are told. In fact I am confident you will obey Miss Kettering’s every wish.’ His mother has said rather strangely as she had kissed him goodbye.
‘Yeah right,’ he had sneered. As far as he was concerned Miss Kettering was there only to provide food and to keep his sister out of his way.
Peter was not well disposed toward his sister. His mother was always saying, ‘why can’t you behave more like your sister,’ and ‘your sister doesn’t get low marks at school.’
His sister had an annoying habit of looking down at him with a certain disdain that made him feel uncomfortable. There was another reason to avoid her, at fourteen Tara was already four inches taller than he was and she enjoyed teasing him about his lack of inches at break time at school and introducing him as her little brother to her friends to embarrass him
Still, he thought glancing at his watch, six o’clock on a Friday evening, time to go and meet up with his friends.
As he got up to leave Miss Kettering stood in front of him.  Until then he hadn’t realised how tall she was, previously she seemed to have shuffled around in her ill-fitting slippers.
Now that she was standing to her full height Peter had to look upwards to flippantly remark, ‘excuse me but I think you are in my way.’
Miss Kettering smiled down at him and putting one hand on his shoulder said,’ I think it’s high time you had a wash Peter, why don’t you go upstairs and get undressed and Miss Kettering will run you a lovely warm bath.’
Peter stared up at her, barely believing what he had heard. He made to brush past her, choosing to ignore her inane comment. As he made his move Miss Kettering slid her hand down his arm, grasped his wrist and sat down on the sofa. Off balance, he tottered sideways and fell conveniently to find himself draped over her lap. Peter was wearing a pair of fashionable combat trousers but they easily lost the battle with Miss Kettering as she lowered them to expose his bare bottom.
Peter struggled to remove himself from his embarrassing position but his arm was pinioned up behind his back.
‘Let me go. I will tell my mum on you!’
Peter’s childish retort made Miss Kettering smile. ‘Don’t you know it’s rude to tell tales,’ she said as she gave his bottom a swat with her hand.
‘Ow! Stop it that hurts!’
‘If that tiny slap hurt I’m afraid you are in for a shock pet lamb.’
She swatted his backside six more times with her hand. By the third swat Peter had been begging her to stop and writhing and squirming on her lap. Miss Kettering had paused the spanking but still held Peter firmly across her knee and she could hear him breathing heavily and quietly sobbing. ‘Are you regretting being so impolite yet Peter?’ She asked as she gently ran her hand across his bright pink bottom.
‘Yes I’m regretting it, not!’ Even though his bottom was stinging he had recovered a little of his bravado.

Miss Kettering removed one of her slippers and smiled at the watching Tara. ‘Oh dear,’ she sighed. ‘I so didn’t want to have to do this.’
Peter’s body lurched upwards the first time the rubber sole made contact with his bottom, so much so that it took all of Miss Kettering’s skill and expertise to keep him across her lap.
By the time the tenth one had been delivered Peter was a crying, sobbing, quivering wreck.
‘I …hate you both,’ he sobbed in embarrassment as he hastily pulled up his underwear and trousers before running out of the room.
Tara giggled. ….
‘Did you manage alright dear?’ Asked Miss Kettering.
‘Oh yes Miss Kettering perfect, I’ve put all his friends numbers onto this one Do you want to see?’ Tara held up Miss Kettering’s mobile phone.
‘No dear, I prefer to leave all that new technology to you young people, I can’t fathom all those buttons and things. I prefer to concentrate on the buttons that ensure naughty boys are dressed correctly when I put them to bed! Now off you go.’
Peter was sitting on a wall at the corner of the street; he was talking to a boy known as Jono, Tara didn’t know his real name but she knew Peter was choosing his friends badly.
‘What do you want? Peter said sourly as Tara approached.

‘Miss Kettering wants you to come home at once,’ she told him.

‘Or what happens?’ He smirked at Jono as he spoke.

‘Well don’t say I didn’t tell you.’ She warned. As Tara turned away toward home she pressed a button on the mobile.

Peter’s phone beeped, he looked at the message. It read. Peter, come home for your bath at once or your friend will see this.
Then came a five-second clip of Peter’s spanking.

‘What’s up?’ Asked Jono; trying to peer at Peters phone. ‘Oh it’s nothing, I will….’

Jono interrupted him, ‘I’ve got a message now,’ he said fumbling in his pocket as his phone signalled a new message.

Peter closed his eyes, dreading what was on his friends phone.’

‘Don’t know who this is, do you?’ He asked. ‘Someone called Miss Kettering asking if I was alone yet. Weird.’
Peter jumped down from the wall. ‘Just remembered something, got to dash.’
Miss Kettering turned off the bath taps as the soapy bubbles threatened to spill over the edge. She watched patiently as Peter undressed.
‘Just test the water with your tootsies first, that’s right, now in you get and Miss Kettering will make sure you’re all nice and clean for beddy-byes.’
Somewhat in a daze, Peter climbed into the bath trying desperately to cover what he deemed to be his manhood.
‘That’s a good boy, don’t worry, Miss Kettering has seen plenty of naked little boys before.
‘I’m not a little boy!’ He exclaimed, fighting back tears.
Miss Kettering smiled. ‘Mustn’t splash Miss Kettering,’ she said as she approached him with a large flannel, I know how excited little boys get at bath time. First things first, time for a mouth soaping to clean that potty mouth out I think pet lamb. Before Peter had a chance to respond, the soapy flannel was inserted into his mouth, gagging him as Miss Kettering began to give his mouth a vigorous soaping.
For the next ten minutes Miss Kettering explored and cleaned regions that had not seen soap for too long a time. His hair was divested of all the gel and glutinous substances he had inflicted upon it until finally she pulled out the bath plug and ushered him out of the bathtub whilst wrapping a large fluffy white towel around him.
‘There, all shiny and pink like little boys are supposed to be.
Downstairs Miss Kettering patted the seat of a dining chair. ‘Now sit here, there’s a good boy.’
Miss Kettering placed a bowl over his head.
‘Time for your haircut, hush now, unless you want your little friends to see your encounter with Miss Kettering’s spanking hand.’
Peter’s protests were stifled immediately. Miss Kettering wielded the scissors and seconds later Peter was the not so proud owner of the kind of haircut that many a five your old would have been disappointed to have.
‘Don’t you look sweet, much better than before, now, let’s get you into your pyjamas.’
I don’t have any pyjamas, so I can hardly wear them can I.’ Peter said defiantly.
‘Well you do now!’ Tara was holding a pair of her pyjamas she had grown out of, they were bright pink and had frilly cuffs and a frilly neckline.
‘There’re your pyjamas not mine,’ he blurted absurdly.
Tara grinned, ‘really then take a look at this.’ She held up the pyjama top, embroidered in red were the words, Peters Pyjamas.
‘I took the pyjama top to school and asked Miss Langley to help me.’
Peter’s head swam; Miss Langley was his form teacher and all the boys had a crush on her.
‘She helped you; she saw my name go on those pyjamas?
‘Yes. I told her it was a joke I was playing, she just laughed.
Miss Kettering took the pyjamas. ‘I see you have ironed them nicely too Tara, just as I asked. You are a great help to me.’ Tara flushed with pride. Looking at Peter she said, ‘anything to help my little brother.’
Miss Kettering unbuttoned the pyjama jacket; she held it up and away from her by the shoulders and gave it a small shake.
‘Into your pyjamas now Peter It’s almost your bedtime.’
Responding almost automatically to Miss Kettering’s movement, Peter slipped his arms into the pyjama jacket and stood compliantly uncomplaining as Miss Kettering buttoned up the pyjamas.
Peter felt the warmth from the iron in the soft material as he was enveloped in pink winceyette. Miss Kettering took her time doing up the small Mother of Pearl buttons and made sure the top button was securely fastened before picking up the pyjama bottoms.
Peter once again reacted to Miss Kettering’s voice and placed his feet inside the proffered opening. Miss Kettering drew the pyjama bottoms up his legs and positioned the elasticised waistband lightly around his midriff. The pyjama bottoms were still quite hot and he failed to disguise displaying his enjoyment at the sensation he felt as the warm winceyette material caressed his groin.
‘I think your little brother enjoys wearing his new pyjamas Tara.’
Tara laughed, ‘I think he does too Miss Kettering although it is only a small display. Perhaps we should show all his friends what Peter wears to beddy-byes.’
‘Well let’s get his slippers on first before we take more pictures shall we? We can’t have my pet lamb having cold tootsies.’
Peter was aghast as Miss Kettering made him put his feet into the yellow bunny rabbit slippers that had also belonged to Tara.
Before he could react Tara had pointed the mobile at him. ‘Oh, that’s a good one, look Peter aren’t you sweet in your pink pyjamas.’
Peter blushed furiously as Tara played back the clip of him being dressed in the pink pyjamas.

Miss Kettering took Peter onto her lap and cuddled him tightly. She gently rubbed the sleeve of his pyjamas and kissed the top of his head.
‘You see Tara, once an unruly boy is snugly dressed in a pair of girls pyjamas they calm down at once and become Miss Kettering’s little pet lamb. Aren’t you my sweet?’
She lifted Peters chin with the crook of her finger as she addressed him.
‘Answer Miss Kettering pet lamb.’
Poor Peter was so bewildered he wasn’t sure what to say. Instead he just nodded his head, and then, as he saw Tara looking at him with glee at his predicament he buried his face childishly into Miss Kettering’s fluffy cardigan.
‘Oh. Is my pet lamb tired then? It is way past your beddy-byes time. Miss Kettering wants you to get plenty of sleep. That will mean bed at six o’clock every school night. At the weekends I will keep you dressed in your sisters pink winceyette pyjamas so I can pop you into bed when I think you need a nap.’

Peter started to protest, tears welling in his eyes ‘but Miss Kettering please doesn’t make me wear Tara’s pyjamas and put me to bed early. I promise to behave.’


Miss Kettering sighed, I’m afraid it’s too late for promises, pyjama punishment and early bedtimes is your future. It’s quite simple my pet lamb, when you come in from school there will be five steps to bedtime. One, pyjama time, that’s straight into freshly ironed little girls pyjamas as soon as you get home, two, homework time, you sit in your pyjamas doing your homework. Three, suppertime, when I will give you a healthy meal with plenty of vegetables, there will be no more of this fast-food nonsense. Four, quiet time before you go to bed, this will usually be spent sitting on Miss Kettering’s lap just like now with plenty of hugs and cuddles until, five, sleepy-byes time, that means tucked up in beddy-byes by six at the very latest.’ Peter struggled to leave Miss Kettering’s lap, ‘no I won’t, I wont do it.’ He shouted and squirmed on Miss Kettering’s lap. Miss Kettering merely chuckled and drew Peter closer to her tightening her grip. ‘Did I mention that I would be collecting you from the school gates every afternoon

Tara was beside herself with joy. She had always wanted to see her brother spanked and put to bed early and now her wish had come true. Peter’s bedtime schedule would give her plenty of opportunities to humiliate him, she thought as she watched him squirm uncomfortably on Miss Kettering’s lap. The news of his bedtime routine had upset him so much that he was again sobbing gently as Miss Kettering tried to comfort the fifteen year old.
Miss Kettering took Peter by the hand, ‘come along since you are being so cranky I think it’s time you were in bed, it’s an early bedtime for you pet lamb.’
Tara watched as Miss Kettering led Peter, shuffling alongside her in his yellow bunny slippers and pink winceyette pyjamas, upstairs to bed. This was too good to miss and Tara was following quickly behind when Peters mobile jingled into life with one of those absurd ring tones.
Tara picked it up, a malicious smile spread across her face; she was going to enjoy this.
‘Peter? Oh no. He won’t be available tonight. Why? Because he is ready for bed, that’s why. Yes, that’s right, ready for bed, as in wearing his pyjamas and slippers.’
Tara resisted the temptation to describe the pyjamas Peter was wearing.
‘No you can’t speak to him. Actually it is his bedtime, I think he is in bed now. Of course he has a bedtime didn’t you know? Peter has to be in his jim-jams and tucked up in beddy-byes early or he gets terribly cranky. Yes I will tell him you called, bye.’
Tara shook with excitement. Jenny Phillips had sounded very puzzled by their conversation. Peter had fancied her for ages and had tried to worm his way into her affections by asking her to help study together.
Tara imagined it would be very amusing to listen to Peter’s explanation next time they met.
By the time Tara dashed upstairs, an amazing sight met her. Peter’s TV, DVD and Hi-fi had all been removed to the sanctuary of Miss Kettering’s room, meanwhile Miss Kettering had stripped his bed and was busy re-making it while Peter stood facing the bedroom wall with his hands on his head!

‘Tara, help me with this bedding will you? Your brother had a little tantrum so he has had a smacked botty again and is being punished in a suitably childish way.’
Together they made up Peter’s bed with pale pink, brushed cotton sheets, one bottom sheet and one top sheet. Tara was quite envious as she felt how soft and fluffy the pillowcases were as she slipped them onto the pillows.
‘Come along Mr Sleepyhead, into beddy-byes with you.’
Peter obediently climbed into bed, altogether a different boy from a few hours ago.
‘That’s right snuggle down.’ Peter’s head sank into the softness of the brushed cotton pillowcase. Miss Kettering placed four fleecy woollen blankets on top of the pink sheet and added an old fashioned heavy quilt. She tucked everything in tightly until she was satisfied Peter was securely bedfast before covering the whole ensemble with a gaily-patterned bedspread featuring various nursery rhyme characters.
‘Don’t you feel all cosy-wosy pet lamb,’ Miss Kettering said to Peter in her best baby talk voice. ‘You will be able to have a lovely long sleepy-byes now sweetheart and don’t worry if you wake up and feel frightened of the dark. Miss Kettering will be straight along to soothe her little boy with a cuddle and a hug thanks to this baby monitor I have set up. See? Just one little sound and I shall be in to see you. Of course if I find you out of beddy-byes without permission it will be smacked botty time again, do you understand?’
Peter managed a little nod of his head. Tara enjoyed herself by gently tucking the pink, brushed cotton sheet under his chin and giving his cheek a peck on the cheek. ‘Nighty-night little brother,’ she teased, ‘it’s seven’ clock now. You should have been fast asleep an hour ago, no wonder you are so cranky.’
She couldn’t resist one final remark. ‘Oh, by the way Jenny Phillips rang while you were being spanked; I told her you were being put to bed.’
Peter’s eyes opened wide with fright and his mouth struggled to find words of protest.
Miss Kettering fumbled in the pocket of her fluffy cardigan.
‘Miss Kettering has a little treat surprise for Peter,’ she said and popped a pink baby’s dummy into his surprised mouth as he was about to speak. Gently she lifted his head from the pillow and secured the dummy with a pink ribbon.
Miss Kettering ignored Peter’s muffled whimpers as she blotted out the daylight by closing the bedroom curtains.
‘Come along Tara, time you were in your pyjamas too.’
As the door closed, Peter blinked away tears and stared into the darkness.


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Abigail Throgmorton turns the tables on her husband.

Dear Pyjama Punishment

I have been married to Thomas for two years, I work and he stays at home, an arrangement that suits us both as he is both weak and ineffectual whereas I command a salary than he could only ever dream of earning. I admit that I take more pleasure from putting him over my knee and spanking him than I do from his immature fumbling. Indeed, my physical dominance of him is far more satisfying to me than anything he can provide. In fact, if I am honest, it is the main reason I married him.

I surprised Thomas prancing around the house wearing a pale yellow frilly nightie, bought, it turns out later, from a charity shop for £1.20. Demanding to know what he was playing at he first spluttered an attempted a feeble explanation confessing that he had always felt the need to wear girly nightwear and dress in little girl outfits!

It was then that he showed me all the various sites he visited showing men wearing "little girl" party dresses with huge sashes and lots of lacy finery, usually in a shocking pink colour. He then showed me a site that had photo's of men posing deliberately wearing floaty style nighties, peignoir sets and the like. Your site, by comparison appeared to be the only sensible one where like-minded women controlled their males by exploiting their fantasies to suit their own purpose. With plenty to think about I spanked Thomas and put him to bed, in his pyjamas. I then settled down to read all of your previous editions and found some very extraordinary but informative articles.

The next morning I confronted a sheepish looking Thomas and told him if he wanted to dress as a little girl then who was I to deny him, I explained that I had researched his fetish thoroughly and all I asked was that I should be the one to select his "little girl" outfits. To this the fool happily agreed.

Two evenings later, I ordered Thomas to undress, beside me on the sofa he could see various bags and as he undressed I could see how excited he was becoming at the prospect of being dressed as a little girl. I motioned him toward me, "now Thomas, are you ready to become mummy's little girl?" He nodded, his face alight with expectation, it was then that I showed him the outfit I had chosen for him to wear. "I'm not wearing that, it's not what I want at all." He protested. I grabbed his wrist and positioned him swiftly across my lap. "You spineless sissy!" I exclaimed as I tanned his backside with ever increasing intensity. "You will become mummy's little girl, but not quite how you imagined." Thomas was crying tearfully as I continued spanking. "Are you ready to wear your new clothes or do you want me to continue spanking?"

Thomas squealed his agreement. He stood before me sobbing as I dressed him in a vest and knickers set with a small blue floral design, a plain white, long sleeved blouse buttoned to the neck. A grey pleated skirt, a royal blue school cardigan, white knee socks and a pair of sensible, black shoes. "There we are, now you're the perfect little girl." I teased, as I made Thomas parade in front of me. "We'll soon have you walking and talking like a real little girl, that's what you wanted isn't it?" The look on Thomas's face gave away, shall we say, his disappointment.

I sat him down with an exercise book and a pencil and told him to write me an essay entitled, "Why I will be a good little girl for mummy." Half an hour later I stood in front of him and said, "Thomasina, you have twenty minutes to finish your essay, then it will be time for you to get ready for bed." Thomas looked up puzzled from his scribbling, "wha.... what do you mean, Thomasina, bedtime?" I explained to him that his new little girls name was Thomasina and that little girls have bedtimes, and as he was now officially my little girl he had a bedtime too.

"Seven o'clock is your bedtime but you will prepare for bed at six every night." "Now just a minute I..." He began to bluster, "Do you want to go back over my knee Thomasina"? I queried. "No I suppose not," he said meekly. "No I suppose not mummy," I prompted. Thomasina blushed but said nothing. Half an hour later I returned, "remove your uniform quickly but fold it up neatly. You will be wearing it every day so you need to look after it, understand Thomasina? "

"Yes mummy," came the sheepish response. Once he was naked I handed him one of the bags, "take out your new nighties," I said, I don't think they are quite what you had in mind but they are what little girls wear to bed." Thomasina was not amused as I slipped his arms and head into the long sleeved, floral winceyette nightdress as it cascaded to the floor. "This is not what I expected," he complained as I buttoned up the Peter Pan collar on his nightie. "How many little girls wear negligees?" I asked him. "Cosy sensible nighties are what little girls wear for bed and so that is what you will wear too!"

I prevented any further protests with the help of a baby's dummy that I pinned to his nightie and popped into his mouth. The threat of another trip over my knee ensured it stayed in place. I had bought him a rag doll and I thrust this into his arms. "This is your dolly, Primrose," I informed him, " she will be your constant companion when you are ready for bed. If I see you without Primrose you will be severely punished." I then proceed to take a few snapshots of Thomasina who paled visibly as I outlined my plans for his life as my little girl.

His life has changed dramatically but not in the way he envisaged. My sister Agnes has moved in to supervise Thomasina's daily routine. He occupies the small bedroom that comprises a child's two foot six bed, a nightstand and a set of drawers that contains his girls nighties and pyjamas and also his vests and knickers. A small wardrobe house his school uniforms. Thomasina rises at 6am, and wearing his nightclothes brings Agnes her breakfast in bed while I eat downstairs as Thomasina washes up. He then goes upstairs to put on his little girl school uniform ensuring his blouse and cardigan are correctly buttoned before presenting himself to Agnes and myself for inspection. If we are dissatisfied with any aspect of his appearance he is awarded one de-merit. How many of these he has collected by Friday evening determines the severity of his weekend punishments. At 8.30 Thomasina must go to school. He packs his satchel with his homework and picks up his My Little Pony lunch box and sets of for "school".

We have built a large shed at the bottom of the garden and put in a child's school chair and desk and also a blackboard. Agnes then becomes Miss Throgmorton, headmistress of Benson Road School for girls. Thomasina has lessons that include copying pages from the Encyclopaedia Britannica with his left hand only, reciting poetry Agnes or rather Miss Throgmorton has made him memorise and spelling tests that carry a de-merit penalty for every misspelled word. Thomasina eats lunch in the garden weather permitting, and then spends some time playing on the garden swing we have had installed. The garden is quite secluded but Thomasina still becomes terribly nervous being outside dressed in his school uniform.

After lunch Miss Throgmorton encourages Thomasina's creative side by making him paint a picture again using only his left hand. The classroom walls are decorated with many of his drawings. Indeed I have pinned two of them entitled "Mummy" onto the kitchen wall. School finishes at three and Thomasina has domestic duties to undertake in the house before Aunty Agnes supervises bath time. When I arrive home Thomasina will have eaten completed his school homework and be wearing either a floral winceyette nightie or teddy bear motif pyjamas. His sullen reaction to my homecoming had to spanked out of him and now he has learned to run excitedly into my arms as I enter the room. I enjoy spending ten minutes with him sitting on my lap as he tells me about his day and then aunty Agnes will say something such as, "time our little girl was tucked up in bed." Reluctantly, for Thomasina still detests his early bedtimes, he will kiss me goodnight and take Agnes's hand as she takes him up to bed at 7pm sharp.

Undoubtedly Thomas has got more than he bargained for when he revealed his secret desire to me but his life as a sweet little girl may not be exactly as he imagined but as far as I am concerned it is very satisfying indeed.

Abigail Throgmorton

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Naughty nephew is subjected to early bedtime and pyjama discipline, infantilised and spanked by his strict aunty

This was about an aunt who subjected her nephew to early bedtime and pyjama punishment and wrote about it. Amusingly, some people took it seriously enough to vent their anger at his treatment.

I think I as his guardian know what is best for my nephew. I want him to act more responsible but if he behaves like a six year old then he deserves to be treated as one. The tantrums are all about attention seeking, which he doesn’t get when he is tucked up in bed. If you witnessed his unreasonable behaviour you would also spank him. He admits himself that he acts like a baby at times. As for choosing his own pyjamas, well that task appeared beyond him as he chose a horrible tee shirt and shorts combination with aggressive or vulgar motifs. All I ask is that he wears sensible warm pyjamas. The pyjamas I made were just from an oddment of flannel I had in my sewing box. They are no different to expensive "novelty" pyjamas I have seen advertised. He should be grateful and wear them (as he is at this very moment) regardless.

Posted by kateddmom on 2008-11-17 20:03:23
"I think I as his guardian know what is best for my nephew." I am not sure a court would agree. I believe in appropriate corporal punishment and corner time in a family, but this infantilising of your nephew sounds like it is for your emotional pleasure rather than for his healthy growth and development.
I agree with Suzy Cue and urge you to reconsider this abusive behaviour of yours.

Posted by Helen61 on 2008-11-17 20:35:46
I strongly resent and reject the term "abusive behaviour". My nephew is spanked certainly, but a few slaps of his pyjama clad bottom and ten minutes reflective time in the corner surely comply with your, "I believe in appropriate corporal punishment and corner time in a family, "
In regard to my infantilising my nephew, I believe he is acting this way on purpose for my attention. Early bedtimes and wearing his pyjamas will not harm him. He obeyed my house rules without question until recently and is currently conforming to my punishment, something I could not physically force him to do against his will.

Posted by bgt 08021991 on 2008-11-17 21:27:27
I agree wholly with Suzy cue + kateddmom.
Spanking and other physical abuse is no way to treat a human being.
He is 15 not 10 so I think that his "bedtime" of 8pm is very early. I think at that age he should be allowed to stay up to 10pm on school nights and 11pm on weekends & in school holidays. Also he should be allowed to go out with friends on Friday & Saturday evening not cooped up dressed in his pyjamas by 6 pm. the most important thing is that he gets the correct amount of sleep not endless hours.
I dread to think about the other things you restrict him from doing. Oh yeah by the way helen61 you are not a good guardian whatever you may think!
Posted by Rico Suave on 2008-11-18 00:11:30
I also do not automatically associate spanking or corporal punishment with physical abuse. Under what kind of circumstances did he arrive in your life? Perhaps it would be appropriate to supply for us some background in order to put the situation in broader context.

I really don't agree with the people who are "deciding" appropriate times etc without more knowledge of the situation. Some people (like me for example) need a lot more sleep than others and early bedtimes are entirely right. But to be punished by being sent to bed even earlier is a very effective punishment I can assure you! Steven

Posted by Nanny Golightly on 2008-11-18 21:00:41
Perhaps there has been an overreaction here. Over the years I have put boys and girls to bed at a time that is too early for their age as a deliberate punishment. "You are going straight to bed when I get you home young man" is a phrase I have used to strike fear into many a misbehaving girl or boy. And yes, putting them into their pyjamas early is a valuable tool for making the miscreant feel childish. This doesn't mean that I am a maniac, just a bit old-fashioned in my ways. Don't condemn without knowing all the facts. This young man is being punished harshly perhaps but cruelly no.

Posted by david19008 on 2008-11-18 23:37:40
This is a perfect example as to why there are so many messed up kids in our society. There are millions of adults who don't know to parent CORRECTLY!

Posted by YLee on 2008-11-19 01:10:44
Upon reading this poll, I immediately wondered about who is the immature one -- the lad or the aunt. With the most unreasonable bedtimes and inappropriate pyjamas it is no wonder that he is a problem.
You are setting conditions for him that are in conflict with his biorhythms -- boys and girls of that age don't get tired until the middle of the night so all your doing is causing internal conflicts. A few more rational school district found that starting high school later -- nine rather the seven or eight -- resulted in improved grades because the students got more sleep.
Dressing a young man in a baby's outfit and parading him in front of your ladies friends is cruel and abusive humiliation. A young man is not a lap dog to impress your friends with. The selection of a t-shirt and underpants are a normal selection for a youth when nightclothes are needed because of circumstances.
Just because you became a mother three years ago, does not make him three years old. You missed twelve years of his growing up but he did not. Even your choice of words -- "I generously agreed to extending his school night bedtime to 8pm from 7.30pm" -- speaks volumes about you. You have made him a prisoner. You have stopped his social life. One must assume that some major event put this unfortunate lad into your abusive hands. You would do well to determine what rules his peers have. You missed the parenting experiences of many years, which would have let you see how he changed over the years and now must have more, not less, freedom. Yes, he will make mistakes but that is part of growing up. Stop him now; he will still make them but later with more dire consequences. I will suggest that after that major event, he needed a lot of TLC.
It is normal and necessary for his proper development for him to push your limits. You continue such treatment long enough he will explode with violence and running away.
I note that you have never made mention of any other problem -- not school and not home -- except bedtime. That implies that he is good.
A daily spanking is absolutely abusive and pointless. Permanent grounding is a permanent horror.
I strongly recommend that your seek advice from parents in your community and parenting books.

Posted by kateddmom on 2008-11-19 08:20:01
That is very well said, Y. Lee. Some comments point out that we do not know all the circumstances and this is true. But no circumstances could justify this abusive behaviour. Taking on the responsibilities of a parent means putting his healthy growth and development ahead of any desires you have to use him as a plaything for your amusement under the guise of discipline. He is not a doll to play with, dress up, and show off to your friends. Your cruelty seems an expression of your own emotional immaturity, not anything he could possibly need or deserve. You are on the path of making him incapable of healthy adult relationships in the future. For his sake, grow up!
I am aware that many of these polls reflect the sexual fantasies of their creators rather than reality. I hope that is the case here.

Posted by totoro on 2008-11-19 14:41:52
I agree with the last few comments. If this is true (I suspect it isn't), this is absolute abuse. Children and teenagers are still human beings. Only insecure control freaks would subject someone to such humiliation. I hope that the nephew in this case will be able to work all of this out so he doesn't become extremely messed up himself and pass this sort of behaviour on. No wonder why we have so many messed up people in society-it is because of parents/guardians like this.
These sorts of extreme control issues are best worked out with consenting adults.
Posted by Marty21 on 2008-11-19 18:50:18
I think you should all take a step back and realise that this, like 99% of these types of polls are wind-ups. I suggest the last "question" involving the velvet Lord Fauntleroy suit was the biggest giveaway. How could you make a fifteen year old wear any kind of nightwear they didn't want to let alone something so absurd as a velvet suit? By acting so outraged you are merely playing the game she, or more likely he, has devised and is probably chortling at your naivety right now.

Posted by kateddmom on 2008-11-19 20:36:22
You are probably right, Marty. But some may read this and interpret it, as normalizing a kind of parenting that is destructive and pathological. Such things as this do happen. I am thinking of Joan Crawford as a particularly cruel--some would say evil--mother.
And boys, even at 15, can be brought to a level of submission where they accept things that they have the physical strength to resist especially if they are cut off from the outside world.
Still, I usually take things like this as fantasy and don't get riled up. I might even enjoy them if they are about consenting adults. But this is about a child--so either it's an accurate description of a horrendous situation...or it is child porn.

Posted by Hi007 on 2008-11-19 22:59:48
Something is wrong with this lady, I'm 15 now and I go to bed at 10:00 on school nights and 11:00 on weekends and I've turned out fine. The reason he's giving the tantrums is because she's not letting him grow up. There's nothing wrong with the kid, there's something wrong with the woman. Besides I would make fun of him if I found out that happened to him if I knew him. So she's got to let him grow up and let go or he's going to hate her later in life because of what she's doing now. If she doesn’t want that she's got to start letting go or it will happen. I've heard of that happening to kids and the parents regret everything that they did.

Posted by totoro on 2008-11-20 04:37:43
Marty21: You do realise, of course, that I mentioned that I suspect that this situation isn't even for real. Unfortunately, there are parents who like to humiliate their children for punishment though, so that's why I did my rant on this topic.

My son is 22 and lives at home with me by his own choice. I do his washing and ironing, provide all meals cooked to his liking and still make his bed for him. He lost a very good job by going out, staying out late and not getting up for work in the morning. Now he has a much poorer paid job and has to be there for 7pm. At my insistence he now has to put on his pyjamas and slippers as soon as he comes in from work at 4pm and go to bed at 8.30 so he can get up in time although I still have to rouse him. He accepts this because he realises that his former lifestyle was destroying him.

Posted by YLee on 2008-11-21 01:54:19
Mrs Kirtley I don't think the situation is the same for your son. It sounds like he works 7-4 (8 hr + lunch) so he needs to leave for work about 6:15 so getting up time is 5:30. If he needs 9 hours sleep, then a bedtime of 8:30 is right. But, I note, you are not subjecting him to ridiculous and inappropriate clothes and behaviours although being in pyjamas three hours before bedtime seem a little early.
Together you and your son are working together to develop good habits. Helen61 is feeding her own ego by abusing her nephew.
Posted by kateddmom on 2008-11-21 03:55:36
I totally agree. The other distinction is that Mrs. Kirtley's son is an adult.

Posted by Helen61 on 2008-11-22 00:13:20
Apart from a few hysterical reactions most of the voters seem to approve of my disciplinary methods. I have decided that Michael will be prepared for bed as soon as he returns home from school and will go to bed at 6pm. On Friday and Saturday his bedtime will be an hour later but he will be dressed in his pyjamas from 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. This has been Michael's schedule for the last two nights and so far it has gone quite smoothly. He has worn his new pyjamas without any major objections just as he will wear the two new pairs I am busy cutting out. To those who accuse me of babying I can tell you that he helped pick the material for his new jim-jams and he was excited about wearing them and therefore I can see no reason to allow him his big boys pyjamas any longer. He fully understands the reasoning behind his punishment and Michael always gives me a voluntary affectionate kiss and cuddle before I tuck him into beddy-byes. Michael has been bullied at school lately so he needs me to take care of him more than ever. I am planning to move from this area so Michael and I can start afresh without busybody's interfering. I will not review Michael’s bedtime before he is seventeen so he will have enough opportunity to become used to his new bedtime.

Posted by Confinedtodiapers on 2008-11-22 01:06:43
Sounds like a good candidate for Diaper Discipline. He should be put back in diapers until he acts his age.

Posted by kateddmom on 2008-11-22 01:48:03
I did not read anything hysterical, just some persuasive arguments that for the sake of your nephew I hoped you would consider and take seriously--assuming this is not all just a sexual fantasy and way to rile people up. Otherwise, I can only hope someone reports to Child Protective Services what is going on. (As someone said, eventually your nephew will tell someone at school and word will get to the authorities.) Let them and the court decide if what you are doing is responsible parenting or child abuse.
As for your nephew submitting docilely to this bizarre regime, I am reminded of the Stockholm syndrome and Patty Hearst.

Posted by Helen61 on 2008-11-22 09:41:33
Posted by kateddmom on 2008-11-05 18:45:32
"I am a strict mother-in-law and a strong believer in keeping young wives and adult daughters in line. If they act like naughty little girls, they will be treated as such in our home. Two of my three girls received their first spankings, from their FIL-to-be, even before their wedding day. "
I refer you to the posting above.
Posted by kateddmom on 2008-11-22 21:25:15
Yes Helen, that is my point exactly with reference to Mrs. Kirtley. My DILs are grown married women aged 23 and 34, not children for whom I am responsible in a real parental role. Can you not tell the difference?
Posted by Helen61 on 2008-11-23 00:41:33
Kate, I understand your position. But let me be clear, Michael requires my guidance now. I cannot afford to wait until he is of majority age, by then it could be too late and a decent young man could fall into a life of delinquency. I then would be the one guilty of failing in my duty of care. I am sorry if my methods are unpalatable to you and others but rest assured, I will do anything to ensure Michael becomes the man he is destined to be.

Posted by YLee on 2008-11-24 18:32:34
I've already expressed my horror at this but since bulling was mentioned I will add this. A boy is put at increased risk to be the target of bullies when he is (1) perceived as a baby or otherwise weak and (2) is without friends. When the 'lady friends' talk about the cute baby pyjamas the former will be true. With such an early bedtime, he hadn't a chance to make friends. Please note I said increased risk not certainty and there are a lot of other reasons and factors.
Young. Bryce makes a valid point and PaulJ is absolutely right that it is total irrelevant that his spelling is original. We don't know what his mother tongue and it may not be English. This point was even made in the movie "Witness for the Prosecution" about English not being required for valid, useful and worthwhile testimony before the King's Justices.
As a comparison, I give the link to this article in the New York Time by a mother talking about her son's changing from a little boy to a young man in the great big city and how it affected her.

Posted by Vanessa Clark on 2008-11-26 12:52:14
If only there were more non-nonsense guardians like you, this world would be a better place.

Posted by Helen61 on 2008-11-26 19:56:59
Well-said Vanessa. Michael is safely tucked up in bed now but he sends you a night- night kiss as a thank you.

Posted by Mitt on 2008-11-26 21:12:56
I think you are doing a very good job raising Michael. From what I see, young hoodlums running around at night causing trouble, some as young as 12, with no parental control drinking, taking drugs, etc you deserve praise. If they were all in bed like Michael it would be a safer place. My suggestion is, as Michael likes his pyjamas you should consider putting him into a nighties as a punishment. I bet he would find it humiliating to wear a long pink flannelette nightie or how about a pair of girl’s pyjamas, either would be a good punishment. Also on those days when he is irritable I suggest a nice soapy enema to calm him down. It worked with our children.

Posted by Katiep on 2008-11-30 15:38:56
Dear Helen. I think you are doing a fantastic job in having a bedtime for Michael. I also applaud you for ensuring he wears sensible pyjamas. My husband has had a bedtime set by my mother and me since we were married. I am an agent for a cosmetics firm and visit people in the evening. My mother comes over and makes sure my husband puts his pyjamas on whilst I am getting ready. Mother usually puts him to bed at seven although this can be sooner if he misbehaves. When I am not working I send him to bed at about eight. I do think that an earlier bedtime may be in the offing after reading your admirable stance on discipline. Mother has already said she will help me and may possibly move in. Keep up the good work.

Posted by kateddmom on 2008-11-30 18:28:44
If adults want to spice up their marriage with consensual kinkiness like Katie's, fine. But Helen is talking about a child, a minor, and a boy of 15. What chance does he have of growing into a strong, healthy adult with a good marriage if he is sissified by his aunt in this way, and apparently denied any kind of social life of his own?
But obviously you enjoy this sort of female domination, Katie, and so does Helen. Again, like others I suspect this a sexual fantasy rather than a report of real parenting. I certainly hope so.

Posted by Helen61 on 2008-12-01 19:56:01
Thank you Katie for your words of encouragement. You are not the first to tell me that they impose a bedtime on their husband. I have also had mothers and other guardians telling me they too have previously or are implementing early bedtimes as a punishment. To Kate I say again, Michael is not being mistreated and very recently declined the opportunity to remove himself from my care.
Posted by Spanked @19 on 2008-12-23 02:32:27
Dear Ma'am: My mother would agree with your methods completely. I believe your nephew will learn from his punishments that when he does as he is told, the punishments will end.
I am now 20 and still get an early bedtime after a spanking. This normally happens once a week. When I have to lie in bed hour after hour on a Friday afternoon with the lights out and dark curtains pulled, I feel so ashamed.

Posted by ian-k on 2008-12-27 16:44:06
This appears to me to be the basis of a paraphilic relationship. As mentioned previously it is not unusual for a dominant personality to completely dictate the living conditions of another person to the extent of appearing ridiculous to an outsider. The early bedtimes and the insistence of childish pyjama wearing, indicate a level of infantilism that cannot be ignored. It is possible that the male is older and the scenario is merely adult role-play. However, there are many documented cases of similar real life situations. A young woman went to live with her older partner in a lesbian relationship. Soon she was forced to sleep in a cot and effectively imprisoned by being forced to wear leather mittens. She was put into nappies and made to call her lover mama. She eventually managed to get a message out and was rescued. But not all cases are down to coercion and this possibly may be one. Even if the male known here as Michael is only fifteen years old it would be hard to prove any wrongdoing. If he willingly goes to bed regardless of the time then that is his own business. Again, he, like anyone, can wear whatever he wants to bed, pyjamas or nighties or anything. It is up to him. We assume the female Helen is the protagonist, this may not be the case and it may be her that is being manipulated to satisfy the paraphilic fantasies of the male Michael.

Posted by kateddmom on 2008-12-27 22:26:00
These are all good points and we do not know what the real situation is. But if the boy is indeed fifteen, then attributing this to his manipulative behaviour sounds a lot like blaming a child for being sexually molested because she is provocative or seductive. The adult is still the responsible party and a 15-year old, even in the U.K. I believe, is still a minor and below the age of consent. It is the parent's responsibility to look out for the child's best interests, not to play along with his fantasies.

Posted by ian-k on 2008-12-28 19:11:26
If the male was 18 it could be a case of his fantasy being fulfilled. If he is genuinely a minor it is unusual behaviour but as I said difficult to establish genuine mistreatment. For a start I would discount the part about the velvet suit, this embellishment would indeed attract too much attention if someone were seen out and about in such garb. The bedtime and nightwear scenario could well be true. But as I suggest, if I asked a 15 year old what time he went to bed and if he wore pyjamas and received the reply, "I go to bed at 6PM and wear Bob the Builder pyjamas." I may well be surprised but without evidence of abuse or assault would be hard pressed to prove otherwise. Not taking sides here just pointing out the difficulties.

Posted by kateddmom on 2008-12-28 22:25:24
For me the question is not about what would stand up in court. It is whether the behaviour described here is an acceptable method of parenting. In my view it is immoral and irresponsible on the part of Aunt Helen, who is the responsible adult. We cannot know what the outcome will be for sure, but we can say that it puts at risk the young man's healthy growth and development. Given the potential impact on his future adult relationships for the rest of his life, that is no small matter.
Posted by ian-k on 2008-12-29 00:08:37
I agree entirely. If Aunt Helen is genuine then her actions are totally immoral. However it is unlikely we will ever discover the resolution.

Posted by Helen61 on 2008-12-30 00:23:21
What nonsensical psychobabble this is. I have had a chuckle at these attempts to analyse my relationship with Michael. Suffice to say he thinks it is as amusing as I do. As gifts at Christmas he received two new pairs of pyjamas. His favourites are the yellow-brushed cotton pair sporting spaceships blasting off into space as an attractive motif. They are lovely and cosy for him to wear to bed and he looks ever so sweet wearing them although they are a little too large at the moment. Still, there is plenty of time for him to grow into them. Throughout the Christmas holiday Michael has happily been putting his pyjamas on at 6.30pm after which we have played ludo or snakes and ladders until his bedtime at 8.30pm, a special Christmas concession I conceded. The exception was Christmas Eve when we attended the late night service. I will no doubt be accused of all manner of things when I tell you he wore his school uniform for the service including his new school shorts. I have decided upon his return to school on Monday he will revert to wearing the regulation grey flannel shorts that are still part of the official uniform. They have merely fallen out of fashion. I consider them much more appropriate for Michael to wear than long trousers. Indeed he will not be the first boy to return to wearing shorts as the Headmaster encourages their use. On Sunday evening Michael will prepare for going back to school by reverting back to a 6pm bedtime with pyjamas being put on immediately after his afternoon bath at around 3pm. Michael is entirely happy and supportive of my actions regarding his bedtimes so please no more pseudo psychology.

Posted by kateddmom on 2008-12-30 08:51:23
I am still not sure whether this woman is evil, stupid, or a fraud. She obviously enjoys taunting us with her real or imagined fantasy wickedness, of which she seems to have little or no understanding. I for one do not intend to play along any more.

Posted by jjohn on 2009-01-31 14:19:39
Just because you don’t know any guys that wear pyjamas at that age doesn't make it wrong. Pyjamas are just proper bedtime attire. Making a young man put on his pyjamas early is a good method of discipline. Maybe if more people did this with their children this country wouldn’t have the severe juvenile crime problem that we now have. I live in Florida; the juvenile crime problem is out of control, if these teens were home in pyjamas under parental control, they wouldn’t be in juvenile detention centres in a jump suit. Making a young man put on his pyjamas early due to an unacceptable behaviour is good. I would much rather see my children in pyjamas than an orange jump suit.

Posted by jjohn on 2009-01-31 14:23:42
How it is it immoral to make an out of control teen wear his pyjamas early and go to bed early. We have used that same punishment, it works well. How many children have you raised...

Posted by jjohn on 2009-01-31 14:38:32
I wonder who is the freak? Spanking is not illegal at all, the law clearly states spanking is an ok method if discipline provided marks are not left on the child’s body that last over twenty four hours. I am a foster parent. We are not allowed to spank so we use pyjamas and early bedtime discipline. It works.
Posted by cid22 on 2009-02-25 12:35:38
Helen it would seem that you do care for your nephew as I am guessing it would be a lot easy not to do these things and whilst I can't see any big problem in being ready for bed or in bed early I am a little worried that from reading some of your postings that there is noting that say you show him you care for him. There is not a lot of talk of affection or positively when he is not bad. By the way does he know you are talking about him on here?

Posted by Helen61 on 2009-02-25 17:43:46
I refer you to my post of 2008-12-30 00:23:21. Michael receives plenty of love and affection not least when he is dressed in his pyjamas and being cuddled as we sit together and talk during his quiet time before bed.

Posted by cid22 on 2009-02-26 02:42:51
OK then, there are a lot of messages here and many of them say pretty much the same thing. I am glad to hear it is not all about punishments. To some extent an early bed time is not really a punishment as such so I can see the thinking behind it and to not do it every night would some what remove the point of doing it at all. The spankings would seem to me a little different. Is he still being spanked every night? If so what is your reasoning behind this? As it would seem to me that a spanking is clearly nothing other than an act of punishment and to do it every night regardless of if he has been good or not would seem to only do harm, as he will only take it few ways. Either he will think you are punishing him just for being him, which may well lead to low self-esteem and the feeling that he is just a bad person, or it will make him think that there is no point in being good as he will be punished regardless. This will also reduce the impact of any punishment you give him for being bad. I am sorry if I seem like I am being preachy but you did come on here to talk about this so I guess you are looking for some input. I get the feeling you are trying to do what you think is right so I thought it would be an idea to maybe give you a little bit to think about. I know there is a lot of people who think you are 'evil' or something for doing this but on some level it is nice to see that some one is taking time to raise their child the best way they can. Also, as a possible word of support, there are parts of what you say you are doing that I not think it would be a bad thing if more people did. For a start keeping kids in pyjamas for a little longer may help to stop them growing up so fast (more so in girls I feel) and I for one would have been a lot happier if I was tucked up in bed more and for longer, even if I may not have openly said so at the time! Lol.

Posted by Helen61 on 2009-02-27 19:55:42
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No. Michael is no longer being spanked at bedtime, as that was part of his punishment for staying out later than we agreed. Similarly his bedtime is more flexible and not rigid because he appears to have learned his lesson. I reserve the right as his guardian to impose bedtimes and spankings as I see fit. After all, I support him and he lives by my rules in my house. As I have stated elsewhere, I could do nothing to prevent his leaving if he wished. Similarly I believe that it is proper that pyjamas are worn at bedtime and I insist upon it in my home. What other people do in their homes is entirely their own affair. Michel does indeed wear pyjamas that I have made for him that are possibly of a design more suitable for younger boys, but again I believe they are appropriate in controlling his behaviour so therefore he will wear them for the foreseeable future. You can purchase the same pyjamas for adults in most department stores described as novelty one’s.

Posted by Spanked @19 on 2009-02-28 18:19:03
Mrs. Kirtley: My mother would agree with your methods I am 20 and at college. Mother also makes me go to bed early when I have an early class. When she is punishing me on a Friday, she often puts me to bed by 5.00 p.m. I only have one class that day and I meet mother in town at 11am to shop. Upon our return home mother makes me take a bath whilst she gets my pyjamas ready for me to put on. I have my lunch, which is actually my supper at 2pm dressed in my pyjamas. My bedtime is then dependent on my behaviour that week. She consults the, “misbehaviour” book where she writes down anything I have done that displeases her. This determines my bedtime and the severity of my bedtime spanking. I actually prefer to be put to bed before 5.00 pm as her book club assembles at 4.00pm. If I am still up I have to greet them and take their coats. Since I am wearing pyjamas I find this extremely embarrassing, especially as the ladies find my appearance very amusing; a 20 year old ready for bed at